Do chocolate chips melt?




Do chocolate chips melt

Chocolate chips are very delicious and sweet food item which

is too much loved by children’s young people too. It is almost 

a dessert for them. It can also be sued in making chocolate 

cakes in homes as you can melt chocolate chips and the 

resultant liquid chocolate can be used in making chocolate 

cakes, chocolate pastries and other chocolate related stuff. 

But the problem is that every chocolate chip is not good in 

melting so in this post I will share all the best chocolate chips 

which can be melted too but first I will answer the important 

question whether chocolate chips melts or not. So here is the 




Yes, chocolate chips are very unique and suitable food 

item for melting as they are already in uniform small 

pieces and it does not take any time to melt them if the 

container in which you are putting them is already heated.



What chocolate chips are good for melting?


What chocolate chips are good for melting

Well there are many chocolate chips out there offered by 

different companies under different names but not all of 

them are good for melting purposes. I mean all of them are good 

for eating but every chocolate chip is not good for melting 

purposes. Every chocolate chip is not good for melting so I 

will only mention those which state that they are good and 

designed for melting purposes. So below are one of the best 

chocolate chips which are good for melting.



1) Nestle Toll House and chocolate chip cookies 


So the number one chocolate chips which are good for 

melting are Nestle Toll House and chocolate chip cookies. 

One of the most important thing about these cookies a part 

from being too tasty is that they melt very easily and they stay

 melted for a little longer than other chocolate chips.


2) Ghirardelli White Chocolate Baking Chips


Cookies which come number second for best melting cookies 

award are the Ghirardelli White Chocolate Baking Chips. The 

most wining and unique part about these cookies are that 

there manufacturing brand is a premium one and there 

chocolate chip cookies are made from real vanilla and not the 

flavored ones. As vanilla is used in this and the real vanilla so 

when it melts it provides good white chocolate like paste and 

that’s why it is called white chocolate cookies. And when you 

melt them they melt within no time and they are completely 




3) Lily’s Dark Chocolate Chips



These delicious dark flavored Lily’s Dark Chocolate Chips. 

These dark chocolate cookies are full of good flavor and 

antioxidants and they don’t contain added sugar so they 

cause no harm to your health even if you eat a lot of them. 

These are also best for melting purposes.




4) Merckens Milk Chocolate


These Merckens Milk Chocolate chip cookies contain wafers 

inside them and are fully covered with chocolate from outside 

so they look like chocolate oval balls. The wafer inside them is 

very thin making them the perfect chocolate chip cookies for 

melting purposes.



5) Callebaut Belgian Dark Couverture Chocolate


Next comes the Callebaut Belgian Dark Couverture Chocolate 

cookies. These Couverture cookies soft as they are made 

from cocoa butter making them soft chocolate cookies and 

when you melt them they melt very easily and become very 

smooth and soft liquid and the liquid does not contract fast.


6) Ghirardelli Chocolate Dark Melting Wafers


Ghirardelli Chocolate Dark Melting Wafers are very unique 

and very good in taste. These chocolate chip cookies are specifically

 designed for melting and dipping purposes. They are very dark in 

color and they give dark chocolate liquid upon melting.



 7) Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Baking Chips


Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Baking Chips are very good in taste

 and they contain both chocolate and candy flavors. These 

chocolate cookies are also good for dipping and melting 




8) ChocoMaker Chocolate Dipping Candy


This chocolate dipping candy is very unique and specially 

designed for melting purposes and specially melting in 

microwave with no oil needed.




9) Dolci Frutta Hard Chocolate Shell


These are one of my favorites chocolate chip cookies for 

melting as the company itself has done the job and they have

 packed the melting wafers directly into microwave safe 

container and you do not require any additional container and 

it saves your time of cleaning the containers too after melting. 

So these Dolci Frutta Hard Chocolate Shell cookies are also 

recommended for melting.



Do baking chips melt?


Do baking chips melt

Yes, baking chips melt too and when you melt them at 350 

degree in oven they melt a little and their shape does not 

change a lot like chocolate chip cookies which are easy to 

melt. And because baking chips are more resistant to melting 

than the chocolate chip cookies many people often overheat 

them in order to melt them completely but sometimes the 

result of overheating comes out to be horrible. So yes baking 

chips melt but not too much like chocolate chip cookies.



How do you get chocolate chips to melt?


How do you get chocolate chips to melt

There are 2 most common and easy ways to melt chocolate 

chips one is on stove and the other one is through oven.



1) Melting chocolate chips on stove


The first method is melting chocolate chips on stove. So in 

this method all you need to do is grab a container and put it on

 stove with heat on and put the chocolate chip in it. When the 

chocolate chip starts melting take a spoon and gradually start 

stirring till the entire chocolate chips are melted and you are 

left with a nice and smooth chocolate. After that remove the 

container from the stove and turnoff the stove.




2) Melting chocolate chips in Oven


To melt chocolate chips in oven just take a suitable container 

and put chocolate chips in it. After that put the container in 

oven which is already preheated to 350 degrees. Heat the 

chocolate chips at least 5-10 minutes and if they don’t melt 

completely in 10 minutes just extend the time until they are 

completely melted.



Can you substitute chocolate chips for melting chocolate?


Can you substitute chocolate chips for melting chocolate

Yes, you can substitute chocolate chips for melting chocolate. 

As you know you can also melt chocolate chips to obtain 

chocolate so yes they can a substitute for melting chocolates.






Why won't my chocolate chips melt?


Why won't my chocolate chips melt

The reason that your chocolate chips are not melting is 

because you are not providing them enough heat to them. If 

your chocolate chips don’t melt properly just add a little water 

and then heat them more till they are melted completely. The 

reason of adding water to chocolate chips is to avoid burning 

them by overheating.



 I hope you like this post and if you have any questions


about this you can ask me in the comment section without 

any hesitation. I will try my best to respond to every query.


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