Can pasta salad be a main dish?




Can pasta salad be a main dish


Pasta a name that comes in every person’s mind when you

 are hungry and have short time and you also want something

 spicy. Pasta can be cook in different ways and one of the

 versions that I am going to talk about in this blog post is pasta

 salad. Pasta salad is the ultimate dish that you can make in

 short period of time and is very healthy too and you can also

 remove your hunger from it. I really like this recipe and also

 make and eat this recipe once in a week. You can also make

 it for your children and I am sure the will really love it.

 Basically it’s a side dish but it can be served as a main dish

 as long as you increase the ingredients in making of this

 pasta salad.





Yes, pasta salad can be served as the main dish. You just

 need to increase the number of ingredients from which you

 are making pasta salad so that you can fill your tummy even

 with one or two plates of that pasta salad. You can add

 potatoes, capsicums and other spicy stuff and healthy

 ingredients so your salad looks and tastes delicious and

 everyone after tasting your pasta salad demand for more.

 Children’s also love spicy things as well as many adults so it’s

 a good step to add chilies in it too.




What main dish goes with the pasta salad?


What main dish goes with the pasta salad

Well, basically there are many dishes that can be served along

 with pasta salad as pasta salad is a side dish. The list of main

 dishes is very lengthy so I will try to make it shorter and list at

 least five of the main dishes that go perfectly with pasta salad.

 So below are the top 5 main dishes that go well with pasta







  1. 1.Fired chicken


So the number one main dish that can be served with your

 pasta salad to add more of the spicy flavor is the fried chicken

 and this is one my favorites too. I mean what more of a

 classic combo of fried chicken and pasta are you looking for?

 Just think of this for a second a fried chicken with all the

 spices and crispy skin and juicy lemon on it. I mean it’s just a

 perfect fire dish combo and I am sure everyone will love it and

 you can make it in a family function or a part or for your kids

 everyone will love it and there is no denying in that. And that’s

 why I have listed this perfect combo on the top of my 5 main

 dishes with pasta salad.



  1. 2.Hamburgers


Again a very good and lovely combination of hamburgers and

 pasta salad. I mean these both dishes go very well with each

 other and once you start eating it you will demand for more as

 this is very addictive combination. As you know pasta salad is

 just starch and your body needs some proteins too and

 hamburgers have a lot of proteins in them and besides that

 they are very delicious easy to eat and very nicely

 compliments all the flavors of pasta.




  1. 3.Sandwiches



As you know sandwiches are very easy and less time

 consuming to make and if you put some healthy mixture of

 spicy vegetables prepared in between the bread to make a

 prefect sandwich then it will be a great recipe to go with the

 pasta salad. You can also make this combo for picnic as

 children really eat sandwiches well so it will be good treat at

 your picnic place for your beloved children’s.






  1. 4.Corn on the knob or stick



Basically this recipe is a boiled corn with all the spices

 sprinkled on it and then a tiny stick is placed below it. You can

 use ice cream sticks if you want but make sure to break the

 corn in small pieces and then fit it on a stick well. This is also

 a very healthy recipe to eat with pasta salad and is also high

 in nutrients. So this also another important recipe even if you

 are on a diet so yeah that’s it for this recipe.



  1. 5.Deviled eggs


This is also another important recipe as far as a health and

 vitamin consumption is concerned as these deviled eggs

 along with pasta salad will be a very healthy recipe combo to

 try out and it’s also very easy to make. You can also use this

 recipe combo when you are going for a picnic or even hosting

 a family function as this recipe combo goes well in both of

 these situations.

So these were the entire top 5 dishes list that can go with

 pasta salad.





What is a serving size of pasta salad?



What is a serving size of pasta salad

If you are making a pasta salad dish that includes plenty of

 ingredients than you should use about ½ cup of pasta. As you

 know a general 1 pound packet or box of pasta can make

 around 8 cups of cooked pasta and you can serve these 8

 cups to around sixteen people so keep in mind how many

 people are there for which you are preparing the dish for.






What should I put in a pasta salad?


What should I put in a pasta salad

Well if you are making a good spicy and healthy pasta salad

 then include all types of vegies like potatoes, capsicums and

 so on all of them in small concentrations of each one of them

 and also include chilies both green and red and also include

 mango pickles which is a very good taste enhancer. You can

 also add zucchini, cucumbers and all other salad stuff so all of

 them make a very attractive and healthy dish.


How many days is pasta salad good for?


How many days is pasta salad good for

The pasta salad is good for about a week or seven days if

 properly stored in the refrigerator. The most easy and proper

 method to store the pasta salad in the refrigerator is to use a

 large plastic container it should not be too small so you have

 to squeeze the pasta salad in. once you have that container

 simply put pasta salad in the container and then put in the

 refrigerator and it should be good for about 7 days and you

 can easily eat it without any doubt of spoiling.


I hope you like this post and if you have any questions about

 this you can ask me in the comment section without any

 hesitation. I will try my best to respond to every query.



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