How do I keep garlic from turning green when making Cuban mojo sauce

Well there is no way that you can’t stop garlic from turning

 green when making Cuban mojo sauce unless you try to fake

 it. The reason I am saying that is because garlic will turn

 green because of the reaction when you mix it with other

 ingredients while making mojo Cuban mojo juice. The

 meaning of faking it is you cannot stop it from turning green

 but you can change its color by adding a little bit of food color

 to the sauce mixture. So that’s the only way to do it as you

 can’t stop the reaction of the ingredients when you mix them

 and as garlic is very sensitive to the mixing of any ingredient

 with it so it becomes difficult to stop the color change garlic

 from turning to green while preparing the Cuban mojo sauce.



How do you keep garlic from turning green?


How do you keep garlic from turning green

As I have mentioned above that it’s too difficult to stop garlic

 from turning to green. However what you can do here is either

 you fake the color by adding food color to the mixture you are

 creating or another option for you is to lower the temperature

 when you are preparing some mixture with garlic because

 temperature plays an important role in the process of reaction

 you can consider temperature as a kind of catalyst. So you

 can put your mixture in the mixture as it will not only lower the

 temperature of garlic mixture effectively but also it will save

 the garlic mixture from getting bad for a long time.


Why did my pickled garlic turn green?


Why did my pickled garlic turn green

The color change of garlic is purely due to chemical reaction

 when you try to make a mixture of garlic or when you add 

acid like vinegar into garlic then due the reaction between

 these two substances the color of the garlic changes to green.

 As vinegar is an acid so it breaks the membranes of the

 cloves of garlic which further releases sulfur and amino

 compounds present in the garlic and when that reaction

 happens between these released compounds and the 

vinegar or acid than the color of the pickled garlic turns green.



Is it safe to eat garlic when it turns green?


Is it safe to eat garlic when it turns green

Yes, it’s completely safe to eat garlic even when it turns green

 as this color change is just a result of the chemical reaction

 between garlic and the compound with which the garlic is

 mixed. The absence or presence of color does not have any

 direct effect on the taste and nutrition of the garlic and it’s very

 healthy to eat without any fear of any kind of side effect. So it

 is clear from the above discussion that color change of garlic

 does not have any effect on taste and nutrition of it.



Is pickled garlic as good as fresh?



Is pickled garlic as good as fresh

No, the pickled garlic is not the same as a fresh one in terms

 of taste and nutritional benefits as the fermentation process to

 pickle garlic changes everything. Pickled garlic is like an

 enhanced version of garlic in terms of taste and if you are

 considering nutrition and benefits of pickled garlic over fresh





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