Italian rigatoni baked recipe, a recipe that is filled with 

pure joy and comfort and is very delightful in taste. It is

 covered with cheese and meat sauce and is well


Italian Rigatoni bakeht

The first time I have encountered this recipe is when 

I went to my cousins house and there they cooked it 

for me and it was the first time I really liked the recipe

 don’t know whether it was the magic of their cooking 

style or their hands taste but it was very good and 

that’s the reason I wanted to know the recipe so I 

asked them for the recipe and they gave it to me 

with clear instructions which I am going to share later

 on in this blog post. I also prepared it for my family

 when I came back at home and they really loved it 

too and that’s the first positive public feedback 

confirmation for this recipe and that gave me enough

 confidence that I should share this recipe with other

 people too so that can also enjoy the taste of this 

recipe. From that day on this yummy Italian rigatoni

 bake recipe has now become my family’s weekend 

recipe. So below are the recipe ingredients along 

with its detailed instructions.




  1. 1.  Fresh ground beef (approximately one lb)

  1. 2.  Italian sausage (1lb)

  1. 3.  Fresh onions peeled and chopped (one if large and 2 if you got small onions)

  1. 4.  Diced tomatoes (one about 28oz)

  1. 5.  Garlic properly minced (1T)

  1. 6.  Finally the main thing rigatoni pasta (1 16oz box)

  1. 7.  Cheese (1 15oz)

  1. 8.  Eggs ( I liked one but you can add according to your taste)

  1. 9.  Parmesan cheese (1/4 c and it should be grated)

  1. 10.             Olive oil (I liked it two tablespoons and if you want more just add one more and it will be enough).

  1. 11.             Italian seasoning ( as the name of the recipe suggests Italian so how can we forget Italian seasoning)

  1. 12.             Red pepper flakes (1 pinch)

  1. 13.             Salt and water (1 pinch)

  1. 14.             Basil (dried and amount as per your own like and taste)







  • 1.  First of all take a large skillet and apply medium heat (not too high and not too low).

  • 2.  Then take a bowl and add chopped onions and olive oil and mix them and then put them in the skillet for about 5 to 6 minutes till they become tender.

  • 3.  Now take the ground beef and sausage and carefully cook them well till they are browned and cooked.

  • 4.  Now get rid of the grease and just leave a little on the skillet so that it remains moisture.

  • 5.  Now take the canned tomatoes, garlic and the tomato sauce and add it in and make sure you stir them well.

  • 6.  Now take the Italian seasoning and also it in as well along with salt and pepper and don’t forget the red pepper flakes add them in too and combine them well.

  • 7.  Once all of them are combined add 1 C of sauce to a bowl and put it aside to cool while cover again the remaining sauce and cook it at nice and low temperature for more 20 minutes.

  • 8.  While the yummy meat sauce is being carefully and slowly cooked, now take a large pot of water and heat it and cook pasta in it along with salt till it becomes tender.

  • 9.  While all of this is happening take another bowl and add egg, cheese, ricotta cheese, Italian seasoning along with the yummy parmesan cheese.

  • 10.             Now if the pasta is cooked and is done than drain it and add the sauce which we have left to cool and combine them well.

  • 11.             Now take big dish or bowl and apply a little grease on it with cooking spray.

  • 12.             Add the cheese and that meat mixture in the form of layers on it and while all of this is done the final layer would be of dried basil. So apply dried basil as a final layer on top of the cheese.

  • 13.             Now preheat the oven to about 350 degrees for about 45 minutes.

  • 14.             Closely observe that when the cheese starts to brown and the mixture becomes bubbly remove it and now your Italian rigatoni bake is ready.




 I hope you like this post and if you have any questions

about this you can ask me in the comment section 

without any hesitation. I will try my best to respond to 

every query.