When garlic turns blue is it safe to eat?


When garlic turns blue is it safe to eat

Garlic, a very healthy and widely eaten ingredient all across

 the world and almost in every home or restaurant made

 recipes. It’s from the onion family and other family members

 include Chinese onion, leek, shallot and welesh onion etc. as

 the garlic is added and eaten in many dishes and in every

 household and restaurant saving or storing it in large number

 in restaurant or home is also common. So sometimes if you

 store the garlic or if you have a garlic stock and you have

 used or sold very little of that and the rest is just lying there.

 After sometime you noticed that the garlic is changing color it

 either turns blue or green but this is not a a sign that the garlic

 has gone bad. So in this blog post I have discussed all the

 details about the garlic changing color and below are the




Well this is not something to be alarmed off if garlic changes

 its color and it turns blue. The reason of this is because it is a

 natural process and it happens when you put garlic in open

 air for some days and don’t store it. The color change is a

 result of a chemical reaction in garlic. The reaction is in

 between the enzymes and sulfur consisted amino acids

 present in the garlic. So it’s a natural process and there is

 nothing to worry about. So now the question is is it safe to eat

 garlic when it turns blue?  And the simple and straight answer

 to those questions is yes you can eat garlic without any

 hesitation even if its color is changed to blue. It is not a signal

 that the garlic has gone bad it its color is changed to blue it is

 just a chemical phenomenon.


Why did my fermented garlic turn blue?

Why did my fermented garlic turn blue

Well it’s just because of the natural chemicals that the garlic

 possesses. It contains two kinds of chemicals one is the sulfur

 acid and the other one is the amino acid. These two acids are

 responsible for the color change of garlic both blue and green

 color changes of garlic are a result of chemical reaction of

 these two acids with enzyme or any other external substance.

 So that’s the main reason the garlic looks or turns blue after






How do you know when garlic has gone bad?

So the color of garlic of either blue or green does not imply

 that the garlic has gone bad because these two color changes

 are as a result of chemical reactions which can occur either

 naturally when you try to store them in poor conditions for a

 long time or you deliberately perform or force the reaction to

 start. In both cases the color changes do not imply the bad

 condition of garlic. However the spots are the most feared or

 alarming thing or the most accurate thing to know that now

 the garlic has gone bad. These spots are of brown color and

 these brown and semi-brown spots appear on the cloves. And

 if you notice these kind of signs in your garlic then you its

 100% sure that your garlic has gone bad.



How do you keep garlic from turning blue?

How do you keep garlic from turning blue

The color changes occur due to the chemical reaction of

 enzymes present in the garlic. You cannot actually stop the

 reaction from happening or turning to blue but the thing you

 can do is to delay this process so the garlic remains in its pure

 color for a long period of time. So in order to do this you need

 to have hot water in a tub or something whatever you want to

 use. Once this is done put the garlic in hot water for a smaller

 or short time. Don’t leave them for too long. What this does is

 it slows down the activity of enzymes or make them in active

 for some period of time. But most important thing to

 remember is that color changing of garlic does not have to do

 anything with the taste of garlic. So you don’t have to worry

 about anything if your garlic changes colors except for the

 brown spots which I have mentioned above.



Why do garlic cloves turn blue in vinegar?

Why do garlic cloves turn blue in vinegar

As you know vinegar is also an acid and it also contains

 enzymes. And the surprising thing is garlic also contains

 enzymes. So when an acid like vinegar is added to garlic or

 garlic I placed in vinegar the due to chemical reaction the

 cloves of the garlic starts to change color to blue color. The

 color changes occur due to breaking of the membranes of

 cloves of garlic and allowing the amino and sulfur to mix up in

 vinegar which causes it to turn blue.




Does fermented garlic go bad?

Does fermented garlic go bad

Yes, fermented garlic does go bad. It is not like that the

 fermented garlic Well garlic unlike any other food substance

 does not go bad in short period of time even in fermented

 form it will take long time for it to go bad. Especially if you use

 honey to ferment garlic than it would take for about one month

 giving you enough time to refrigerate it. And I would

 recommend you to at least let it ferment and taste it after

 three months as it will give you the peek sweet taste. And if

 you store the honey fermented garlic in an air tight jar and in

 dark room than it would be safe for around 3 years.


 I hope you like this post and if you have any questions about

this you can ask me in the comment section without any

hesitation. I will try my best to respond to every query.

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